XenoAmp, Feature-packed Music Player with an Alien-Feeling Interface

XenoAmp, Feature-packed Music Player with an Alien-Feeling Interface

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We’ve featured XenoAmp by XDA Senior Member ssuukk a couple of times before, in 2012 and 2013. It’s come a long way since then, going past the 1.0 release to mark its maturity.

The core is still pretty much the same compared to when it first came out. If you’re used to other music players, this player’s interface will probably feel alien at first (hence the name). While that may discourage you from testing it further, it’s one of the things that make it stand out (in a good way!) from the competition. Despite its differences, the learning curve is not a steep one, and using the app becomes a breeze after spending some time discovering how it works.


XenoAmp’s interface makes it easy to use with one thumb, which makes it possible to use quick actions (once you’ve set your playlist up) in an unobstructive manner. Need to pause? Just tap anywhere. Current song doesn’t suit your mood? Swipe on to the next one. Changing the volume and forwarding is also handled through gestures, to the point where I personally found XenoAmp to be my go-to choice for listening to music while driving: after picking or making a playlist, a quick gesture allows me to do any action I want — without looking at my phone’s screen.

XenoAmp: main screenXenoAmp: main screen (menu)
Talking about making playlists, it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had on Android: you simply browse your library and tap what you want to queue. Double tapping an item directly starts playing it as the current playlist, which is a handy shortcut for playing whole albums or all songs by an artist. If you’re a fan of browsing your music by directories, XenoAmp can do that as well — just set your music directory as a favorite and use the “Files” screen.

Playlist management is also an easy task, letting you reorder or remove entries by dragging them up and down or swiping them away. Switching playlists or moving tracks between them is also a breeze, and you could use advanced search to quickly add music by tags, genres and more. The playlists pane and the XenoAmp sidebar are accessible from any screen, providing easy access to commonly accessed features (e.g. search or shuffling).

XenoAmp: library screenXenoAmp: playlist paneXenoAmp: side pane
We’ve only covered the main features so far, though. XenoAmp has been under development for a long time, and not without a good reason. Acoustic correction, an equalizer with as many profiles as you need and automatic switching between the car, headphones or dock mode equalizers, support for multiple audio sources and many more features are all available. You can even stream your music from SMB shares or Subsonic servers, via DLNA/UPnP, or using your Google Play Music or 8Tracks account. The best part is that all your music is treated equally regardless of its source, with no artificially imposed separation.

That’s still not all. Want lyrics? You got it. Voice commands? XenoAmp has that as well. Widgets? Yup! Prefer a lighter/more material interface, or would you rather stick with the classic dark one? The choice is yours. Looking for a music player that can handle, manage and automatically download missing tags? You’ve found one. And even though XenoAmp is considered almost complete by now, the developer still has plans for it, such as SoundCloud support, visual tweaks and polishing, a nicer interface for streaming services and Xeno’s own radio station database.

XenoAmp: widgetsXenoAmp: widgets
If you’re interested, I would definitely recommend you take it out for a spin directly: just head over to the XenoAmp forum thread, install it and give it a try. The forum thread also lists some more features, if you can’t discover them all by yourself. You’ll also find a very active and helpful community and developer, so you’re welcome to ask for help or offer suggestions in the forum thread as well.

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