Xiaomi explains why its 100W fast charging isn’t ready yet

Xiaomi explains why its 100W fast charging isn’t ready yet

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When we think of fast charging, generally speaking, Xiaomi isn’t the first company that pops into our heads. While they debuted some of the fastest wireless charging on the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G late last year, the company has always been relatively quiet when it comes to charging. That is with one exception – 100W wired charging. Xiaomi demoed their 100w wired charging in March of last year, which promised a 0-100% charging speed in just 17 minutes. We’ve not really heard anything else about it since, and while people thought it could come with the Mi 10 Pro, it’s already more or less confirmed that the Mi 10 Pro will support “only” 66W charging. Lu Weibing, general manager of Redmi and Vice President of Xiaomi Group, has confirmed on Weibo that we may be waiting a little while longer to see Xiaomi’s 100W charging reach a commercial device.

This wait comes largely thanks to limitations of the technology, both from a safety and a practical standpoint. The first issue mentioned by Lu is that the capacity of a 100W fast-charging battery is approximately 20% less than that of a regular, 30W charging battery. “According to preliminary estimates, the capacity of a 100W fast charge battery is about 20% less than that of a 30W PD fast charge. In short, 5,000mAh becomes 4,000mAh,” Lu said, according to a Google translation of the Weibo post. Lu briefly mentions the power requirements of 5G as another reason for wanting to have a bigger battery rather than faster charging.

As previously mentioned, safety is also of great concern for Xiaomi, and so multiple safeguards and protections need to be built into the device. The technology behind 100W fast charging is very specific and will need to be tailored to the device that it is charging. All hope is not lost however, as Lu says that we can still expect to see it in the future. The only issue is that it’s not coming to devices any time soon.

Source: Weibo

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