Xiaomi 11T series will be Xiaomi’s first phones with 3 years of OS updates

Xiaomi 11T series will be Xiaomi’s first phones with 3 years of OS updates

Following in Samsung and OnePlus’ footsteps, Xiaomi has now announced that it will offer three years of OS upgrades and four years of security patches for its upcoming Xiaomi 11T series. The company made this announcement just days ahead of a launch event, where it will unveil the Xiaomi 11T and the Xiaomi 11T Pro.

Talking about Xiaomi’s updated software update commitment, the company’s Head of Product & Technology, Albert Shan, said, “With the continuous improvement made to smartphone hardware, the life cycle of a smartphone is gradually lengthening, meaning users aren’t required to replace their smartphones as frequently. For this reason, more consumers place great importance on receiving the latest operating system updates, along with the latest features. Xiaomi is committed to providing users with industry-leading hardware and lasting performance.”


“In continuation of this commitment to users, Xiaomi is further extending the life cycle of Xiaomi’s smartphones by ensuring three generations of Android operating system updates. This way, users can choose to use their current devices for a longer period, and enjoy the latest features along with it. At the same time, we will also provide users with security updates that ensure their devices operate securely for a longer period of time,” he added.

Although the company hasn’t shared plans to extend this new software update commitment to other devices, it’s currently evaluating the possibility. When asked if the company would offer the same level of software support to other phones, a spokesperson told XDA that “Xiaomi is currently evaluating the possibility of bringing the extended Android system and security upgrades services to more Xiaomi devices.”

As mentioned earlier, Xiaomi isn’t the only Android OEM to offer three generations of OS upgrades and four years of security updates for its devices. Samsung was the first to announce this change with the Galaxy Note 20 series launch last year, and OnePlus recently followed suit. While the additional year of software and security updates is definitely a move in the right direction, the EU and its member states aren’t impressed. Earlier this year, the EU proposed a new law that would force all smartphone OEMs to offer up to five years of security updates for their devices. And recently, Germany’s Federal Government announced plans to extend the support timeline by an additional two years.

Xiaomi will officially unveil the Xiaomi 11T series on September 15th. Ahead of the launch, Xiaomi has confirmed that one of the devices in the lineup will feature 120W fast charging support. We’ve also seen leaked renders of the Xiaomi 11T Pro, giving us a good look at its design.

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