5G Xiaomi phone gets certified with 45W fast charging support

5G Xiaomi phone gets certified with 45W fast charging support

Xiaomi is typically associated with affordable smartphones but devices in the Mi MIX series classically exemplify their acumen for making not just great flagships at compelling prices but also actual premium devices.  The latest in the series, the Mi MIX 3, launched in November last year impressed Max with its design and convinced him that it was probably the “best-designed smartphone on the market” at the time of its review. Xiaomi updated the Mi MIX 3 earlier this year with a 5G variant and a Snapdragon 855 chip in February this year but as we draw in closer to the completion of the upgrade cycle, news about another Xiaomi smartphone, which could potentially be the Mi MIX 4, has started to pour in.

A 5G Xiaomi smartphone was recently certified in China with CCC, a compulsory certificate issued by the China National Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA). Besides confirming Xiaomi as the commissioner and FIH Precisions Electronics Co. Ltd. as the contracted manufacturer, the CCC listing divulges that the smartphone will bear the model number “M1908F1XE.”

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Courtesy: China Compulsory Certification (CCC)

Besides this, the listing reveals information about Xiaomi’s plans to improve the charging technology on its leading devices. While their flagships, the Mi 9 as well as the Redmi K20 Pro, currently have the highest charging rates of 27W, Xiaomi may be aiming to get the charging rates as high as 45W with this new smartphone.

This higher charging technology might use up to 20 volts of potential difference with 2.25 amperes of current throughput or 10V/4A in a different scenario. This appears to be one step closer to the insanely fast 100W SuperCharge technology teased by Xiaomi in a Weibo post earlier this year. As per the demo video, the 100W charging tech could beef up a 4,000mAh battery in less than 20 minutes. While the 45W charging rate may be lesser, it should a practical optimum point between the fast yet experimental 100W charging and the current 27W fast charging supported on the existing range of Xiaomi’s flagships.

As for this certified device being the Mi MIX 4, there’s little to no evidence apart from the fact that the MIX series is the only lineup in Xiaomi’s catalog is due for an upgrade later this year. We hope to see more information in this regard, including Xiaomi’s choice of design for the upcoming smartphone. Meanwhile, we can safely presume that the chipset to be used in this smartphone will be a Snapdragon 855 Plus.

Featured image: the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Xiaomi’s current-gen Mi Mix smartphone.

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