Xiaomi is finally adding an equalizer to MiSound in MIUI 11

Xiaomi is finally adding an equalizer to MiSound in MIUI 11

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Ever since the launch of MIUI 11 back in September this year, Xiaomi has been testing more new features for its latest Android skin. The company has previously tested an app drawer and app shortcuts for the stock MIUI 11 launcher, new categories for the launcher, and HEIC support for the MIUI Camera app. Most recently, we saw new advanced display calibration controls in the latest nightly build. And now, the company seems to be adding an equalizer to MiSound in MIUI 11.

Igor Eisberg from the Xiaomi.eu, an MIUI-based custom ROM, recently discovered code for an equalizer in the MiSound app on the latest MIUI 11 nightly (v9.12.19). LineageOS contributor and XDA Senior Member abhishek987 managed to enable the equalizer manually and has shared the following screenshots with us. As seen in the screenshots, the new equalizer can be found within the Earphones option within the MiSound app and allows you to completely adjust the sound profile as per your preference.

Along with the new equalizer, you’ll also get access to a new Volume adjustment feature that will let you adjust the earphone volume depending on your age group. There are three group options to choose from — Up to 30 years old, 30-60 years old, and More than 60 years old — along with a custom preset option that allows you to make your own volume adjustments.

Selecting an age group gives you access to even more granular adjustments for the left and right ear volume levels, along with options to test the original sound profile and the adjusted sound profile. On top of all that, the app also lets you select the type of earphone/headphone you’re using for more accurate sound profiles.

As mentioned earlier, the equalizer isn’t live in the latest MIUI 11 nightly which means that there’s still a long way to go before the feature is released to the stable version of the ROM. Currently, we have no information on the release date but we expect to learn more about the feature in future nightly releases.