Xiaomi AirDots are affordable wireless earphones

Xiaomi AirDots are affordable wireless earphones

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With more and more smartphones getting launched without a headphone jack, users have begun to look towards alternatives. From the likes of USB-C earphones to going straight to Bluetooth, there isn’t really one solution that fits everyone’s needs or wants. Bluetooth earphones are expensive, and USB-C headphones are rare to come by. However, Xiaomi is launching the Xiaomi AirDots, a set of Bluetooth earphones, at an affordable price on November 11th. They only cost 199 Yuan, roughly $28.

While Xiaomi is known in our community as a smartphone and tablet company, they also a wide range of other consumer electronics which are typically cheaper than the competition. The Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro 2 are revered for their quality and only cost about $25. With the AirDots on the way, the company is aiming to keep that reputation, even when it comes to wireless. They even support Bluetooth 5.0, which means that they shouldn’t draw much power at all, while also maintaining a better connection too. If you’re Chinese, you can reserve the Xiaomi AirDots now, though there is no information on a global release yet. It’s expected that you’ll be able to import them from the likes of AliExpress in the future if you’re really interested in getting them before their global launch.

The Xiaomi AirDots last for up to 5 hours with mono audio and 4 hours in stereo. If that’s not long enough, they can also charge up in their case which offers additional battery, making it up to 12 hours of battery time total. That’s not bad for wireless earphones, and if they have good audio quality then there will be very few complaints when they’re such a low-cost.

The company recently launched in Ireland and intends in launching in the UK too. It’s entirely possible that we’ll see the AirDots be one of the original selling products in both countries. With an upcoming event in the US as well, the Chinese smartphone giant is up to something. It may not be a launch yet, but it very well could be. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Xiaomi for now.

Source: Mi China