Xiaomi Brings the Redmi 3S+ to India via Retail Stores

Xiaomi Brings the Redmi 3S+ to India via Retail Stores

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Xiaomi has been very impressive in their push to increase their online presence. For a long time, buying a smartphone online from Xiaomi was the only official way you could get one of their smartphones or tablets. There have always been unofficial resellers here and there, but the company’s flash sales were the only official channel they had and they did this to keep inventory costs down as low as possible.

Then, we started to see Xiaomi branch out a little and sell their products in their own Mi.com webstore as well as 3rd-party websites like Flipkart and Amazon. It had become clear that while the flash sale method works when a device is first released, they could sell much more by expanding their online presence. Online retailers like Flipkart and Amazon have done well for the Chinese electronics maker, but now they’re looking for even more retail outlets.

The company just announced they will be building 1,000 of their own brick and mortar retail locations by 2020, but they’re also looking to tap into other physical retail stores. It looks like the Redmi 3S+ will be Xiaomi’s first smartphone to hit physical retail stores in India. The device was first released back in June of this year and offers reasonable hardware specs for the price Xiaomi sells it for.

You can buy the Redmi 3S+ in India, but it will be available exclusively through the company’s retail partners. Xiaomi is advertising a number of their partners in the announcement tweet, but doesn’t include them all. So, if you’re a frequent Sangeetha, Poorvika, Big C, StoreKing, or Just Buy Live shopper, then you will start to see the Redmi 3S+ on their store shelves. The twitter announcement also mentions it will be available at “other leading retail stores,” but doesn’t announce the names of those other retail stores.

Source: @RedmiIndia