Xiaomi’s next smartphone could come with Snapdragon 865, 48MP camera and 120W fast charging

Xiaomi’s next smartphone could come with Snapdragon 865, 48MP camera and 120W fast charging

All major OEMs have a whole bunch of smartphones in their pipeline at any point in time, and Xiaomi is no different in this regard. Earlier this month, we reported on one pair of Xiaomi’s upcoming smartphone, gauguin and gauguinpro, that are expected to arrive in multiple markets soon. And now, we have some information on another new smartphone from Xiaomi, and this one could have 120W fast charging technology as its major highlight.

Xiaomi Cas – M2007J1SC

Recently, a Xiaomi smartphone was spotted at 3C certification with the model number M2007J1SC.

Curiously, this smartphone was spotted with a 120W (6A x 20V) charger included in the box. As we know, Xiaomi has already demoed a 100W Super Charge Turbo technology last year that could charge a 4000 mAh smartphone within 17 minutes. However, this technology has not made its way to a commercial smartphone just yet, and Xiaomi reasoned back then that there were few limitations to the technology that needed to be ironed out before we can see a product in our own hands. It seems that the technology is now ready, as the 3C certification indicates that the phone will come with a 120W charger in the box. It isn’t immediately clear whether the M2007J1SC smartphone will have 100W charging or 120W charging as Xiaomi has not officially confirmed either specification — but we are inclined to believe it will sport 120W charging since the charger maxes out at that specification. Other OEMs like Vivo’s iQOO and OPPO have been working on their own 120W and 125W technology, so 120W for Xiaomi sounds about right.


We also have information on M2007J1SC beyond this 3C certification. As informed by XDA Member kacskrz, who is our frequent and trusted Xiaomi tipster, and XDA Senior Member Deic, this model number belongs to the Xiaomi device with the codename “cas. Multiple code snippets within MIUI 12 indicate that “cas” is likely to come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC (though it could also come with the Snapdragon 865 Plus instead as this particular code snippet makes no distinction between the two). Further, cas was expected to come with a 108MP camera originally, but the code snippet was modified recently to indicate that the phone may finally come with a 48MP primary camera instead.

Further, Xiaomi “cas” is expected to come with an optical zoom camera as well as a “supermoon” mode. The phone will also have a wide-angle camera that can take macro shots. This means that the phone has at least a triple rear camera setup.

Unfortunately, it does appear that this smartphone may be a China-specific release as we could not spot any indications of a global release, unlike what we could ascertain for gauguin and gauguinpro. This does not mean that the phone will never be released outside of China — it just means that we have not spotted any clues for a global release at this stage. Xiaomi’s plans could change in the future.


The jump down to 48MP camera on this smartphone may signal that Xiaomi is swapping out the high megapixel count 108MP sensor for a lower MP count but larger sensor — note that this information on a larger sensor is speculation on our end. Similarly, a “supermoon” mode indicates that the phone could have a high optical zoom factor — Huawei P30 Pro’s “moon mode” was enabled through the periscope zoom camera, so Xiaomi could be going for something similar here. Though, it could also be a much simpler setting within the Camera app instead. And of course, Xiaomi could also possibly add a fourth camera sensor, just because it can.

We also do not know what marketing name Xiaomi will adopt for this smartphone. It could be the next smartphone in the Mi Mix series, or it could be a successor in the Mi 10 series, or it could be an entirely new smartphone series — we don’t know yet.

Leaker Digital Chat Station pointed out that Xiaomi’s 100W fast-charging smartphone could see a launch in China in the next month. Xiaomi has not officially teased or confirmed a launch, so we are treating this as speculation at the moment. Other OEMs are also expected to show off their fast-charging products in August in China, and a launch in August also allows Xiaomi and other OEMs to take some attention away from Samsung’s Unpacked event. And seeing how the Xiaomi smartphone has been spotted at 3C, the reveal may not be that far off.

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