Xiaomi to Enter Spain, Press Event Scheduled for November 7

Xiaomi to Enter Spain, Press Event Scheduled for November 7

Only a few years ago, Xiaomi operated only in China. The Chinese OEM then expanded internationally to Asian countries, eventually making its entry into the Indian smartphone market in July 2014. Xiaomi’s entry into India has been so successful that it is now the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the country. Other expansions may not have been so successful, but this year it has expanded to the Middle East, more South Asian countries, and even Eastern Europe. Recently, the company announced that its Mi A1 smartphone would be available in 40 countries. However, it still has had no official presence in the West up until now.

Xiaomi had opened its accessories store in the United States back in 2015, but the company still has no plans to imminently bring its smartphones for sale to North America. Western Europe, on the other hand, is a different matter. The lack of official availability will change imminently as the Vice President of Xiaomi, Wang Xiang, has announced that the company is entering Western Europe, with Spain being the first launch market. The company has scheduled a press event for November 7 in Madrid, where it will launch its first products to be officially sold in Western Europe.

Needless to say, this news has far-reaching implications. The OEM’s entry to Western Europe may shake up the European smartphone market and lead to increased competition, which is good for consumers. Currently, Samsung  is by far the top smartphone manufacturer Western Europe, but Xiaomi surely has its eyes set on entering with a bang in the market by launching aggressively priced products.

The company hopes that its international expansion will have a positive impact on its revenue. Up until now, this strategy has proved massively successful, particularly in India, which is now its second largest market after its home country, China. Recently the company announced that it has sold four million smartphones in a single month in India, contributing to ten million smartphones sold in all regions where the company does business in the month of September.

Which products will Xiaomi bring to Spain? Currently, the answer to this question is unknown. It is possible it may also launch products other than smartphones to Western Europe. It has a diverse portfolio of products, which includes mobile accessories, vacuum cleaner robots, and more. Even if only smartphones are launched, there are still more questions: which smartphones will Xiaomi launch on November 7? Will it be flagships such as the Mi 6 or the recently launched Mi Mix 2, or the Mi A1 Android One smartphone, or will it be the budget Redmi series? After Spain, which country in Western Europe will Xiaomi choose to enter next?

We expect to learn the answers to these questions at the press event on November 7.

Source: Wang Xiang
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