Xiaomi teases improved in-display fingerprint scanner tech with higher accuracy and larger recognition area

Xiaomi teases improved in-display fingerprint scanner tech with higher accuracy and larger recognition area

In-display fingerprint scanners are fast gaining popularity, and we are surely going to see a lot more of them in 2019. While the current generation in-display scanners may not be quicker or even more reliable than the conventional fingerprint scanners, future generations of this tech will continue to improve on these areas to provide a better experience.

Xiaomi Co-Founder and President Mr. Lin Bin took to Weibo to showcase an improved in-display fingerprint scanner technology.

Xiaomi claims to have spent more than half a year to improve upon two core issues with in-display fingerprint technology. The first relates to reliability, as this new generation of in-display scanners are claimed to provide “one-click entry”, relieving users from the pain of not having their fingerprints recognized within the first instance, something which a regular fingerprint scanner could easily accomplish. The second issue relates to increased accessibility, as the new tech has a wider recognition area under the display. The new area for recognition is claimed to be 25 mm x 50.2 mm, which is significantly larger than the recognition area in the current generation tech. Xiaomi claims that you can unlock the phone without looking at the screen now, which shows off their confidence in the larger recognition area.

There is no word on which Xiaomi device will sport this newer technology. Possible candidates for it would be either the next Mi flagship device or the next device in the Mi MIX lineup, though this is our guess and not a confirmed statement.

In-display fingerprint scanners have a long way to go before they can completely and perfectly replace the conventional fingerprint scanners. As they stand now, the technology is slower, less reliable, and less accurate than the tech it is trying to replace. There’s still work to be done before these can reach their full potential.

Source: Weibo

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