Xiaomi India to Announce a New Redmi Smartphone on November 30

Xiaomi India to Announce a New Redmi Smartphone on November 30

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Xiaomi India is on a roll when it comes to launching new phones in the Indian smartphone market. The release of the Mi A1 in September was followed by the release of the flagship Mi Mix 2 in October. The Mi Mix 2 launch was followed by the launch of the Redmi Y1 alongside the announcement of MIUI 9 Global on November 2. In three months, the company has launched three products so far, and one more is now coming.

Xiaomi India Managing Director Manu Kumar Jain has been teasing the launch of a new Xiaomi smartphone on Twitter. On account of his tweets focused on rural India, there has been speculation that a new rural-focused device would soon be launched by the company. The speculation was officially confirmed as Xiaomi India has stated that it will announce a new Redmi smartphone on November 30. The company is calling the smartphone “Desh ka Smartphone“, which translates into ‘A Smartphone for the Country’.

As of yet, we don’t know which smartphone is going to be launched by the company, except the fact that it will be a Redmi device. On account of the “Desh ka Smartphone” tagline, it’s prudent to expect the new phone to be priced very affordably. It could be the Redmi 5A, which is the successor to the Redmi 4A. The Redmi 4A was launched in India earlier this year and is currently the cheapest smartphone sold by Xiaomi India.

Xiaomi may be hoping that a new, reduced price of entry for its smartphones will increase sales and adoption across rural India, where feature phones are still popular. Smartphone penetration in India has dramatically increased, but there is still room for growth, especially for established Chinese OEMs who haven’t launched new phones in the below $100 range in the past.

Recently, Xiaomi has announced the Mi Exchange phone trade-in program through a partnership with Cashify. The company also started its third manufacturing plant in India specifically to manufacture power banks, by using Hipad Technology’s facility located in Noida.

As of now, it’s hard to tell which new device will be announced by Xiaomi on November 30, but you can be certain that we will cover the launch of the device. Stay tuned!

Source: Xiaomi India