Xiaomi Launches Five New Products on Amazon in the US

Xiaomi Launches Five New Products on Amazon in the US

Xiaomi is the fifth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. In China and India, it is the fourth largest and second largest smartphone manufacturer respectively. Despite that, the company’s brand is not well-known to most people in the West. It is slowly rectifying that with a staged Western European launch, by officially entering the Spain market. Now, most Xiaomi phones are available in Western Europe as the company has listed them on its Amazon Spain store.

However, Xiaomi continues to have no official presence in the US when it comes to smartphones. In 2015, the company opened its online Mi Store in the country to officially sell accessories, but phones continued to be missing on the store. Although consumers can import Xiaomi phones in the US, import is not a viable proposition because of the missing LTE bands on the hardware. Therefore, consumer awareness about Xiaomi in the US is still extremely low, but the company is now slowly beginning to launch more products in the market.

In the US, Xiaomi has sold its products through the Mi Store. The 4K streaming Mi Box was also available at Walmart as well. The company’s Mi Band has also proven popular as an affordable fitness tracker.

Now, five new Xiaomi products are launching on Amazon. Some of them aren’t available for purchase just yet, but will be released soon. The products are: Mi Sphere 360-degree Camera, Mi Robot builder kit, Mi Power Bank, Mi Headphones, and Mi In-Ear Pro earphones.

To begin with, the Mi Sphere Camera is a 360-degree camera with 23.88MP resolution. It has 3.5K video recording at either 2304 x 1152 at 60 fps or 3456 x 1728 at 30 fps. It supports up to 75 minutes of video recording. It has an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, and also has 6-axis electronic image stabilization. The product will be available for $300 on Amazon from November 24.

The second product to be launched is the Mi Robot Builder Kit. It has a 3-in-1 design with 978 parts. The company says it has “everything you need to create an amazing plane, dinosaur, or robot“. It has 3 different modes for simpler or more precise control. It is said to be easily programmed, and has a self-balancing system that “keeps the robot on its wheels in more difficult situations or terrain“. Its self-balancing includes high-capacity batteries. It is now available for purchase on Amazon for $140.

In the audio field, Xiaomi is launching Mi Headphones that are over-the-ear headphones. The company says they are “crafted with the new graphene material to provide high-performance audio“. It also promises that “a passive radiator provides fully immersive Hi-Fi experience and powerful bass“. The headphones will be available for $130 on Amazon from November 24.

Xiaomi also launched a pair of earphones: the Mi In-Ear Pro. Xiaomi promises that “their patented hybrid dynamic and balanced armature drivers offer unparalleled sound“. The earphones will be available for $25 on Amazon from November 24.

The last of the products to be launched is the Xiaomi Power Bank Pro. It is a 10,000mAh USB-C power bank with high-speed charging. The company says “it has two-way fast charging [that] intelligently adjusts up to 18W“. It is only 0.49” thick, which is impressive considering its high battery capacity. It will be available for $30 on Amazon from November 24.

The increase in variety of Xiaomi products which are now available in the US is a good thing when it comes to offering choice. On the other hand, smartphone users are still waiting for the day when Xiaomi officially launches smartphones in the country. Hopefully, this day comes in sooner rather than later.

Via: Android Authority

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