Xiaomi Launches the Mi Box in USA for $69

Xiaomi Launches the Mi Box in USA for $69

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There’s no denying that Xiaomi has become a strong player in the smartphone market in Asia, thanks to its affordable lineup, its spec-heavy mid-ends and great-value flagships. Markets outside of Asia, though, have not yet tasted the offerings from Xiaomi. That changes today, in some part at least, as Xiaomi is launching the Mi Box in the United States for a price of $69.

Although not a smartphone, the Mi Box is the first device from Xiaomi that is launching in the USA. The device was unveiled back at Google I/O 2016, and was supposed to land in early Q4 2016. In simple terms, the Mi Box is a Set Top Box that runs Android TV, but when you keep in mind the current scenario of Android TV STB products, the Mi Box is perhaps the cheapest you could buy, while still getting some great value for money.

Mi Box

The Mi Box supports 4K video at 60fps, made possible by quad-core Cortex-A53 with the Mali 450 GPU and 2GB of RAM inside the device. There’s also support for Dolby Digital Plus audio playback. You also get 8GB of storage, HDMI 2.0a compatibility, a voice-activated Bluetooth remote, and optionally, a game controller (sold separately).

Of course, there is Android TV on the device, so you get all the apps and advantages of that ecosystem. Xiaomi is also bundling a few software service freebies to entice more users to purchase the Mi Box.

For $69, the Mi Box certainly offers a pretty good deal, especially for first time adopters who do not want to invest too much into Android TV. The device is available in the US from today (change the region to US to get the option to purchase), though orders will be shipped out on October 6th. You can also find the device in Walmart soon, though exact dates for availability in retail outlets is not known yet.

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