Xiaomi doesn’t plan to restock its Mi 11 Ultra flagship in India, to bring new flagships next year

Xiaomi doesn’t plan to restock its Mi 11 Ultra flagship in India, to bring new flagships next year

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is Xiaomi’s answer to every “Ultra” phone released in the past year. It’s an insanely overkill device in all the right ways, and my colleague Adam also agrees on the same in his Mi 11 Ultra review. Xiaomi brought the device to India a few months after global launch, bringing the heat to other key flagships in the country like the OnePlus 9 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. But after being out of stock for a while, Xiaomi has confirmed that there are no more restocks planned for the Mi 11 Ultra.

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According to a report by India Today, Xiaomi does not plan to import more units of this flagship to India, so the phone is unlikely to be available for purchase again on channels where it is out of stock. Xiaomi still plans to retain its focus on the premium category and will be launching new flagships in India in 2022.

The Mi 11 Ultra was launched in China in March 2021, and was announced for India in April. But the phone wasn’t available for sale in the country until July, likely due to the logistical challenges and COVID-19 restrictions in the country at that time. Unlike the vast majority of Xiaomi India’s lineup, the Mi 11 Ultra is not assembled in the country and needs to be imported from China. Xiaomi presumably sold through the initial batch of imported units in the first month of the sale itself, and we know that the device has remained out-of-stock on online channels for many months now (which even forced us to shift it around in our recommendations of the best Android phones in India as you couldn’t actually buy the device if you wanted to).

The Mi 11 Ultra was the most ambitious smartphone that Xiaomi launched in India, targeting price ranges dominated by Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus too. This report essentially confirms that no further restocks are planned for this flagship, which when read through the context of a great launch reception and quick sales, indicates that the company may have achieved its targets for the flagship for this region.

We reached out to the company for a statement, and Xiaomi India confirmed that restocks are not planned for the Mi 11 Ultra. The device remains listed on the Mi India website as the company continues to provide support and warranty to existing Mi 11 Ultra users in India, but will not be featured on purchase banners as you can’t actually buy the device online anymore. If you’re interested in buying the device, you may be able to locate stock in offline stores if you are lucky. But for online and channels that have already sold out, you can stop holding your breath on new stocks, and wait for new flagships in the next few months.

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