Xiaomi Mi 4 Pro, Mi 4A Pro, and Mi 4C Pro are Xiaomi’s first Android TV-certified televisions

Xiaomi Mi 4 Pro, Mi 4A Pro, and Mi 4C Pro are Xiaomi’s first Android TV-certified televisions

Android TV is commonly found in portable set-top boxes, but it can also be embedded into smart TVs as well. Sony is a huge proponent of Android TV in their smart TVs, but there are some television companies out there who like to use their own software. No matter the route, the goal is to gain access to applications directly from your TV set and Xiaomi looks to be working on three new devices at this time. Rumors point to the company releasing three different Android TV-certified television sometime in the near future.

Xiaomi isn’t new to Android TV either. The company has been selling the original Mi Box since 2014 and the company has been releasing updated hardware for the series. For example, you can purchase the Mi Box 3s at Amazon and Walmart for around $75 (even though they simply call it the Xiaomi Mi Box still). Earlier this month, we even covered that the company’s Mi Box 4 could end up being launched as the Xiaomi Mi Box S. We also know that Xiaomi sells TVs as the company has been branching out into all sorts of products since they became so popular in the smartphone market. You can buy electric scooters, toy robots, air purifiers, pens, and even bed pillows with Xiaomi branding these days.


The company now seems to be working on some additional Android TV-certified television sets with devices known as the Xiaomi Mi 4 Pro, Mi 4A Pro, and Mi 4C Pro. Just like their smartphone strategy, each product will fit in its own price bracket so they have something to offer a wide range of people.

  • Mi 4 PRO (4K, 2GB RAM, Amlogic T960X)
  • Mi 4A PRO (FHD, 2GB RAM, Amlogic T950X)
  • Mi 4C PRO (720p, 1GB RAM, Amlogic T950X)

These specs are interesting as the Amlogic T950X and the Amlogic T960X are two chips we have yet to see in any product. As all three of these will be Android TV-certified televisions, this means they will have access to Android TV-optimized apps from the Google Play Store and will also support Google Cast as well as Google Assistant. This is in contrast to some of the company’s previous TV devices which simply had Google’s AOSP installed with a custom launcher.

Xiaomi sells devices all around the world, so as of right now it’s unclear where the company plans to market these three new Android TV-certified devices. The company did recently debut its first smart TV in Indonesia (with the unique Patchwall interface). The company is calling this device the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A in their Indonesian launch and is an Android TV-certified set, so while these three new devices could also debut in Indonesia as well (the Mi TV 4A could be the Mi 4C Pro), that is simply speculation until the company makes its official announcement.

Via: @androidtv_rumor

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