Xiaomi Mi 5/5s/5s Plus, Mi Mix, Mi Note 2, and Nextbit Robin get support for LineageOS 16 based on Android Pie

Xiaomi Mi 5/5s/5s Plus, Mi Mix, Mi Note 2, and Nextbit Robin get support for LineageOS 16 based on Android Pie

If you are interested in modding your device, whether it’s in the short or long term, Xiaomi devices are great choices. The cheap prices of their smartphones coupled with custom development-friendliness helps a lot. One of the best ROMs available for these phones (and pretty much any phone, while we’re at it) is LineageOS. Everyone’s taste in ROMs is different, but LineageOS strikes a nice balance between pure stock Android and other feature-rich distributions. It adds a lot of features, but keeps all the unnecessary/gimmicky stuff out of the door. The Lineage team recently launched LineageOS 16, the latest iteration of their custom software, which is based on the Android Pie release.


Now, support for LineageOS 16 is coming to a handful of Xiaomi devices starting this week. This includes the Xiaomi Mi 5 as well as the Xiaomi Mi 5s and the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus, the Xiaomi Mi Mix, and the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 as well. Support for LineageOS on these devices has existed for a long time now, but until now, only LineageOS 15.1—based on Android 8.1 Oreo—was officially available for these devices.

As a bonus, the Nextbit Robin (the first and only device made by Nextbit before the Razer acquisition) is also getting support for LineageOS 16. Unlike the other devices we just mentioned, the Nextbit Robin will have both LineageOS 15.1 and LineageOS 16 builds available for it. According to the LineageOS team, this is done since LineageOS 16 does not currently support VoLTE. Some people, particularly those in India, need VoLTE, so LineageOS 15.1 builds will still be provided for the time being for those who need it.

If you’re interested in installing LineageOS 16 in your device, head over to your device’s section and download it now!

Download for the Xiaomi Mi 5

Download for the Xiaomi Mi 5s

Download for the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus

Download for the Xiaomi Mi Mix

Download for the Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Download for the Nextbit Robin

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