Xiaomi Mi 6 starts getting stable MIUI 10 Android Oreo update

Xiaomi Mi 6 starts getting stable MIUI 10 Android Oreo update

MIUI 10 is a major milestone for the Beijing smartphone maker that recently became one of the biggest OEMs in the business. There are a lot of new features that are being included with this new software update, and a lot of Xiaomi’s device are scheduled to receive it. This is a brand new release though, so these things can take time depending on which device you have and which version you want (Chinese or Global). However, Xiaomi Mi 6 owners who don’t mind (or even prefer) to use the Chinese version of the ROM can look forward to a MIUI 10 update in the very near future.

As mentioned, MIUI has been a big project for Xiaomi and it has gotten to the point where they started to share some of its new features ahead of time. Just a few months ago back in May, the company released a video that gave us some information about what was included in the update. Coincidentally, Xiaomi says that MIUI 10 is going to be putting a lot effort into artificial intelligence this time around. With Google pushing for it in Android 9 Pie, dedicated chips being included in our phones going forward, I don’t think this trend is going anywhere anytime soon.

MIUI 10 features

Some of the new standout features of MIUI 10 include AI Portrait (which allows for the bokeh effect without needing two sensors), and then we have AI Preload which is being described as a way help reduce load times for apps and UI functions. Among all of those system optimizations from the image above, MIUI 10 is also completely designed for bezel-less phones so they’ll continue having their gesture navigation as an option as well. The Overview page (also known as Recents) is getting redesigned with this update, which promises maximized screen space, full-screen gestures, the ability to swipe to delete tasks, and the ability to long-press for additional options.

So, now that Xiaomi Mi 6 owners are all caught up with what is coming in this new update, they’ll be glad to hear that it will be rolling out soon. Remember, this is for the Chinese version, so unless that is what you’re willing to use, you’ll be waiting a bit longer. We have some good news though as we here at XDA don’t like to wait for OTA updates to roll out so you can check out that direct download link to the recovery ROM down below.

Download MIUI 10 Chinese Stable for the Xiaomi Mi 6

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