Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite will also get Night Scene camera mode

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite will also get Night Scene camera mode

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Smartphone photography has improved by leaps and bounds over the last few years. It really is amazing what these small camera sensor modules are able to produce these days. This is thanks to various post-processing techniques that happen in the background with a night-time feature being the latest trend. Xiaomi calls their feature “Night Scene” while Google calls theirs “Night Sight.” Whatever the name is though, the goal is to improve low-light photography and we have just learned that Xiaomi will be bringing the feature to the Mi 8 Lite.

The feature has become so popular that some OEMs have been working to bring it to their older devices. The Chinese OEM is famous for backporting features to their older devices and they aren’t forgetting the Night Scene camera mode in this case. Not all of their older devices are able to get the feature but we have talked about how the Mi 8 and the Mi Mix 2S both received the feature late last year. More recently, Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 7 with its 48MP camera sensor that they have been marketing.

Mi 8 Lite XDA Forum

Xiaomi confirmed this low-light photography feature will be making its way to the Redmi Note 7. The buck doesn’t stop here though as Chuan Wang, Xiaomi’s VP and co-founder, has officially said their engineers are working overtime to port the Night Scene feature to the Mi 8 Lite as well. Although, we don’t yet know when this feature will roll out to its users at this time. Keep your eye open for OTA notifications though as it could be included in the next update.

Source: Weibo Via: GSM Arena