Remap the AI button on the Xiaomi Mi 9 with a Magisk Module

The Xiaomi Mi 9 was launched in February 2019, featuring some killer specifications for the price it commands. This flagship from Xiaomi managed to impress my colleague Adam, who hailed it as a contender for the best value flagship for this year. With all the features that the phone packs, Xiaomi also blessed the device with a dedicated AI button to launch virtual assistants.

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If you aren’t a frequent virtual assistant user like me, you would find the dedicated button to be wasted hardware. While you can’t officially remap the button yet, XDA Member Serbinhio has made a Magisk module called Mi AI Button Remapper that lets you remap the functionality of the AI button and select from a few available options.

The module currently remaps only single press functionality. To use it, you need Magisk installed on your Mi 9. To reassign a new functionality, simply reinstall the module.

Mi AI Button Remapper XDA Thread

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