The Xiaomi Mi 9 supports playing Fortnite Mobile for Android at 60fps

The Xiaomi Mi 9 supports playing Fortnite Mobile for Android at 60fps

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Fortnite is among the most fast-tracked and action-packed battle royale games available for mobile devices. If you’re new to the game, getting drowned into so much action or getting killed by an assailant is as easy as pie. As a rookie, you cannot bunk a sudden and unexpected death in Fortnite, but you can delay it by switching to a higher framerate and currently, the highest framerate supported by Fortnite Mobile is 60fps. However, it is only restricted to a handful of phones such as the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 9, Huawei Mate 20 X, and the Honor View 20. Now, Fortnite Mobile is getting 60fps support for more smartphones rocking Snapdragon chipsets – aside from Galaxy S10 – and the Xiaomi Mi 9 appears to be one of them.

XDA’s Max Weinbach confirmed that his Mi 9 can run Fortnite Mobile at 60fps. This seems to be the first non-Samsung device powered by a Snapdragon 855 SoC and capable of running a higher framerate. For now, there is no official announcement by Epic Games on this development and neither has the FAQ page been updated to reflect support for any new devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S10 series.

Back in January, when Epic Games added support for 60fps gameplay on Android devices, it said that it is working with different OEMs to enable the setting for the devices which can bear the load. We know the developer studio is not likely to bother bringing support to older devices considering that iPhone X was left out citing potential heating issues. However, expecting Snapdragon 855 devices to receive support is reasonable.

Fortnite recently entered into its eighth season and we can expect it to get some new features including higher framerate support for more devices. As the developers gear up for the Fortnite World Cup Online Open that is set to start on April 13, they have promised to tune the performance on desktops and mobile environments and even out uneven framerates. It will also be including a new FPS counter in the coming v8.30 update to understand different scenarios of frame drops. Further, for a more “competitive and challenging experience“, the game also got a new Arena Mode recently.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to try Fortnite Mobile on your smartphone or tablet, head over to the official website to download the latest version of the Installer Client.