Xiaomi Mi 9’s latest MIUI beta adds “3D Air Gestures” to launch apps

Xiaomi Mi 9’s latest MIUI beta adds “3D Air Gestures” to launch apps

Xiaomi’s MIUI betas are where the brand tests new features, and usually, the betas for the Chinese region are the first to see new features. For example, the latest MIUI China beta for the Xiaomi Mi 9 has added a quirky new gesture. Called 3D Air Gestures, the feature lets you launch apps by waving your phone in the air to draw an M, W, C, or Z.

The translated feature description is as follows: “Draw a pattern in the air with your phone to open an app. Open your Home screen and draw one of the patterns in the air with your phone to open selected apps.” A screenshot of the feature’s settings page can be seen below.


A video of the feature can be found on this Xiaomi employee’s Weibo page, but I have reposted the video to YouTube below for those of you who have trouble with Weibo’s video player.

In the video, you can see him draw a C with his Mi 9 to launch the camera app, draw a W to launch TikTok, and draw a Z to launch another app. We’re not sure if you can choose which apps to launch with the 4 3D Air Gestures, but there’s probably no technical reason it wouldn’t be able to. The feature likely uses a combination of sensor data from the accelerometer and gyroscope which are found on most phones, though it’s possible there’s something else that’s required as we don’t have any exact details on how the feature works.

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The feature is currently only available on the latest MIUI beta for the Xiaomi Mi 9, but we’re not sure what other devices will get the feature. Since Xiaomi is ending MIUI global betas at the end of this month, users outside of China will likely have to wait a few weeks before it becomes available. Xiaomi may also pull the feature entirely from a future beta if it’s riddled with bugs and just doesn’t work all that well, though judging by the video demonstration that doesn’t seem likely.

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