Xiaomi Mi A2 users report massive battery drain, maybe due to fingerprint sensor bug

Xiaomi Mi A2 users report massive battery drain, maybe due to fingerprint sensor bug

Google’s Android One program has evolved over the years. Some could easily suggest its initial incarnation is more reminiscent of what Android Go is today. Android One has evolved into a brand that would provide a consistent user experience while also giving the OEM some freedom to make their devices unique. Things haven’t gone so well for some Xiaomi Mi A2 customers though as there seems to be a random bug that causes massive battery drain.

One thing is for certain here: some people are experiencing an issue that is causing some massive battery drain. The battery drain is caused by all CPU cores being pegged at max speeds, but the exact cause of this issue is unknown at this time. The current consensus is that the battery drain issue is caused by some bug that has to do with the fingerprint sensor. However, there are some within the community who have removed all fingerprints they’ve added to the device and the battery drain issue continues to persist.

Users have been able to temporarily fix the CPU cores being maxed out by rebooting the Mi A2 every hour or two, but then it continues to persist. Some have suggested the issue is caused by a bug that lies within Google Play Services and suggests to delete its app data. However, tests have shown at least one person has done this and it did not fix the issue for them. A test has been done that involved unlocking the bootloader (which does a factory reset), setting the phone up again, performing another wipe, and then locking the bootloader again. But after a while, the bug ended up causing the same battery life issues as before.

It’s also clear that not everyone is experiencing this battery draining bug even though they are using the fingerprint sensor. So, while it may be a pain, the current temporary fix is to reboot the Xiaomi Mi A2 every now and then. The sad part is that as of yesterday, the Xiaomi developer team has yet to acknowledge this as a bug with one community member involved saying they were told the dev team doesn’t “trust apps like CPU-Z/AIDA64.”

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