Xiaomi Mi A3/CC9e kernel source code is now available

Xiaomi Mi A3/CC9e kernel source code is now available

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Xiaomi recently unveiled their new camera-focused lineup with the launch of the new Xiaomi CC9e, the Xiaomi CC9 and the Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Edition. While it is still unknown if the CC-lineup will see a release outside of China, Xiaomi did use the phones as the base for the next iteration of devices in their Android One lineup. The Xiaomi Mi A3, as was launched in Spain, is the Android One version of the Xiaomi CC9e.

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Now, Xiaomi has released the kernel sources for the Xiaomi Mi A3 as well as the Xiaomi CC9e, and these sources can be found under the laurus-p-oss tree. With these kernel sources, developers can start working on porting TWRP, building custom kernels and porting AOSP to the device. This kernel release follows along the release of kernel sources for the Xiaomi CC9 and Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Edition. As far as market reception to the released products go, users are not exactly satisfied with the spec configuration that has been chosen for the Mi A3, with several critics pointing fingers at the pentile HD+ display as one of the areas of obvious compromise, and we do agree on the same. Nonetheless, if you do plan to pick up the device for yourself, you should be content with the kernel source release.

Kernel sources for the Xiaomi Mi A3 / Xiaomi CC9e