[Update 2: Re-rollout] Xiaomi Mi A3 receives official Android 11 update, but you should wait

[Update 2: Re-rollout] Xiaomi Mi A3 receives official Android 11 update, but you should wait

Update 2 (01/05/2021 @ 05:40 AM ET): Xiaomi has begun rolling out the update once again, and users report better success this time.

Update 1 (01/05/2021 @ 00:18 AM ET): Xiaomi has issued statements around the update and solutions. Scroll to the bottom for more information. The article as published on December 31, 2020, is preserved below.

Xiaomi has begun rolling out a stable Android 11 update to the Mi A3. The update weighs in at 1.4GB in size and brings along a jump to Android 11, among other improvements. XDA Member maciej.mackiewicz received the Android 11 update notification on his Mi A3 earlier today, and it should be rolling out to more devices in the coming days. However, early reports suggest that all may not entirely be well with the update, so we suggest you wait for a few more days.


The update packs in all the standard Andriod 11 goodies, including support for Chat Bubbles, smart device controls, new media controls, one-time permissions, wireless Android Auto support, conversation notifications, and a whole lot more.  To learn about everything that’s new in Android 11, check out this article.

The changelog for Mi A3’s Android 11 update:

  • Improved Notification shade
  • Conversation bubbles
  • Better permissions management
  • Improved DND

Mi A3 Android 11 update notification

The Android 11 update has started seeding to Mi A3 users; however, as it’s usually the case with staged OTA rollouts, it might take some time before it’s available for all devices. If you haven’t received the update notification yet, you can head to Settings > System > System update and click on “Check for update” to see if it’s available for you to download (though we advise not doing so at this stage).

According to early reports from several users, the Android 11 update is hard bricking devices.

Users who have accepted the update now find themselves in the unfortunate situation where their phone is not responding at all. Since the update is fresh, there’s not a whole lot of information on what exactly has happened, nor any solution available for users who are stuck in this situation.

This isn’t the first time that the Mi A3’s update has had issues. Earlier this year, one update broke dual-SIM functionality on the phone. Xiaomi went on to roll a bug fix later on. In this case, since the apparent damage appears to be a dead phone prima facie, we advise users to wait for a few days.

Xiaomi Mi A3 XDA Forums

The Mi A3 was launched with Android 9 Pie out-of-the-box and was eventually updated to Android 10 earlier this year in February. The Android 11 update will most likely be the last update to the device. However, it should continue to receive security updates for one more year. As an Android One device, the Mi A3 offers a near-stock Android experience, standing in stark contrast to Xiaomi’s other product lineups running a highly customized MIUI skin.

Update: Xiaomi offers free out-of-warranty repairs for affected Mi A3 units

The Android 11 update for the Mi A3 definitely had some major issues, which left users with a dead device. The company had taken quick cognizance of the issue and halted the rollout before it could affect more users. For those affected, Xiaomi is now offering free repairs (/solution) unconditionally, irrespective of warranty.

We are aware of the issue on some Mi A3 devices following a recent Android 11 update. We have since halted the rollout.

We kindly request users who experience this issue to visit any of the 2,000 plus service centers across the country nearer to you where a solution will be provided for free unconditionally (within or beyond warranty).

We regret the inconvenience this has brought about. As a brand committed to offering the best possible user experience, we will continuously improve our products and services.

While the move is definitely good and should provide users with some respite, the question does come around on the issue not happening in the first place. The Mi A series is absolutely no stranger to such bugs, and by this time, we expected a company of Xiaomi’s caliber to put in better quality check processes for updates rolling out to the series.

Update 2: Xiaomi begins re-rollout of Android 11 for the Mi A3

The Android 11 update for the Mi A3 has begun rolling out again. Users report that they are receiving the update through the normal OTA, and the brave ones who have dared to accept the same report that the device does indeed boot and function normally, this time around.

We’ll avoid linking to the download links as we are not completely confident about the stability of the update. If you use your device for critical functions, we’d advise holding back from updating and waiting on more reports. Either way, now would be a very good time to back up all important data on your phone, whether you accept the update or otherwise.

Thanks to Telegram user Sreejith and @theseventyoneguy for the screenshots.

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