Xiaomi Mi Band 5 firmware leaks hint at blood oxygen tracking and Amazon Alexa support

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 firmware leaks hint at blood oxygen tracking and Amazon Alexa support

Xiaomi has been making fitness trackers for a few years now, and they have managed to create a very good product lineup. All the Mi Band generations have been well received for what they attempt to do, and each generation brought along some good upgrades that make it a decent upgrade even for existing users, especially at the signature Xiaomi-value price tag. Xiaomi even dabbled into an even lower cost Redmi Band in China, but we have been waiting eagerly for the successor to the Mi Band 4. Now, new reports have shed light on some key information about the upcoming successor, presumably called the Mi Band 5.


Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5, presuming it stays in line with Xiaomi’s naming scheme, has been spotted in graphic assets present inside the Mi Wear apk. These renders show off a familiar look for the device, indicating that there aren’t going to be too many sweeping changes when it comes to the design of the smart band.

The base design of the Mi Band 5 appears to be the same. The display is not visible, so we cannot comment on that. What we do see is a blue circle, which we presume is for the Alexa integration as the function has also been hinted at other places.

According to other reports which base themselves off the firmware files for the upcoming Mi Band 5, the device will feature Alexa integration in its global version. The Mi Band 4 featured the XiaoAI virtual assistant in China, but this was disabled outside of the region. So a swap over to Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant will give the device a capable virtual assistant to deal with the needs of the global market. Keep in mind that we do not expect a speaker on a device this size — so input is likely to be through a mic and output through text, with your phone doing most of the processing.

Other key features spotted through the firmware are integrations for World Clock, Calendar, Menstruation/Period tracking as well as additions in the form of meditation guidance and tracking for more sport and fitness activities such as elliptical machine, rowing machine, indoor cycling, jump rope, and yoga. There are also hints of SpO2 tracking, so the Mi Band 5 could feature a Blood Oxygen sensor. PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence), a feature spotted in Amazfit devices, also makes an appearance on the Mi Band 5 — the report mentions that the feature was present on the Mi Band 4 as well, but left disabled, so it remains to be seen if this would be enabled on the newer device. Finally, the Mi Band 5 will also get an analog clock face as part of its inbuilt watch faces.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 watchfaces

The Mi Band 5 should be on the horizon for its launch in China. We also expect the device to make its way to other international markets. There are still quite a few unknowns about the device, so we hope to learn more about the next fitness tracker from Xiaomi as we get closer to launch.

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