Xiaomi Mi Box 4’s remote may have dedicated buttons for Google Assistant & Netflix

Xiaomi Mi Box 4’s remote may have dedicated buttons for Google Assistant & Netflix

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According to new FCC filings discovered by Variety, Xiaomi could be releasing the Xiaomi Mi Box 4 in the coming months in the United States. The model number of the device is MDZ-22-AB and it is yet again based on Android TV. Xiaomi’s history with Android TV devices has been spotty, with the company only recently rolling out Android Oreo for the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 the other day after seemingly abandoning the device. Hardware-wise, the Xiaomi Mi Box 4 will perform about the same as the Mi Box 3 (the Mi Box 4 has the Amlogic S905X-H system-on-chip according to the documents), but the main difference appears to be with the remote. The Bluetooth remote has a microphone for the Google Assistant along with a button that’s strictly for launching the Netflix app.

The design itself resembles all of its predecessors – a small box which can sit discretely by your TV. The remote even looks the same too, although the remote obviously has new buttons. You can clearly see a button which says “Netflix” in the above image, another button which is a shortcut for live TV, and then one that has a microphone symbol on it. The microphone button can trigger the Google Assistant and has a microphone built into the remote so that you won’t have to shout your queries across the room. The Netflix button does exactly what you expect it to as well. The live TV button may make sense if it can be configured to launch any other application of your choosing, as not everybody uses Netflix.

The Xiaomi Mi Box 4 basically resembles every other Android TV box released by the company. It will hopefully run Android Oreo from the get-go meaning it’ll have the latest features and the revamped launcher as shown in the video below.

You can check out the FCC filings below to see the full manual for the device if you’re interested in that. The fact that they have been submitted means that a release is likely imminent, so we can expect to see it within the coming weeks or months.

Source: FCC Via: Variety