Xiaomi Mi Box’s Android Oreo update is finally rolling out

Xiaomi Mi Box’s Android Oreo update is finally rolling out

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According to multiple users on Reddit, the Android Oreo update for the Xiaomi Mi Box is finally rolling out. We already suspected it would be arriving soon after beta testers started to receive the update early last month and it wasn’t labeled anywhere as being an actual beta release. Interestingly, the device never actually received Android Nougat despite being promised to receive it shortly after launch. There was a public beta released 11 months after its launch that you could sideload, but nothing further ever came after that. There’s even better news for device owners, as the update appears to be rolling out globally. We’ve got some screenshots below of how it looks, but first, you can take a look at the new interface in the video below.

How the new Android Oreo TV interface looks

Now that you’re familiar with how the new interface looks, you can also take a look at the screenshots of the initial setup. Users are reporting that basically everything, as expected, is there, including the Google Assistant which wasn’t previously available. Back in March we first got a proper look at it publicly when Xiaomi and Nvidia demoed their Android TV sets running Oreo, though the Nvidia shield got the update a little bit sooner.

Image source: /u/dosangst

Along with the Google Assistant, you can expect to see the new task switcher, as shown above, the latest security enhancements, HDR, and Picture in Picture mode too. Google Assistant is one of the major new features in this update as it means you can control your smart home from your TV, along with benefitting from all the other features the Assistant offers. If you’re on the sideloaded Android Nougat version we mentioned earlier, you’ve got nothing to worry about as those devices are also receiving the OTA update. Users in the USA, Canada, Portugal, and Australia all have confirmed they have received the update, so it’s unclear if right now it’s in a staged rollout or not. Let us know in the comments if you have the Android Oreo update on your Xiaomi Mi Box!