Xiaomi’s Mi Home app for smart home management gets a UI redesign in v6.0

Xiaomi’s Mi Home app for smart home management gets a UI redesign in v6.0

Apart from a vast portfolio of smartphones and smart TVs, Xiaomi sells a variety of smart home products in various markets around the globe. To manage its smart home products, the company has the Mi Home app which works fairly well, integrates with Android 11’s power menu, and is now getting a brand new update. The Mi Home app v6.0 has made its way to the Google Play Store that introduces a UI redesign. Apart from the visual changes, the new version of the app also brings some new functionality.

The Mi Home app lets you connect all of Xiaomi’s smart home devices like their range of air purifiers, smart lighting, Wi-Fi routers, home security cameras, and many more. Compared to the previous version of the app, the new update brings a cleaner UI with larger text and toggles, making everything more accessible. The app also shakes off the sea-green color scheme limiting it only for the icons and power-button of each device that you have added to the app.



Other than that, most of the functionality seems to be the same, but there are some new changes that have been added to Mi Home v6.0:

  • You can now access “Messaging” from the “Mi Home” tab by tapping the bell icon rather than going to Profile and tapping the Messaging section.
  • Managing/changing your rooms in the “Mi Home” tab now opens up in a pop-up dialog rather than a full-screen dialog.
  • The “Logs” section has been moved from a separate section in the “Automation” tab to a button up top.
Mi Home
Developer: Xiaomi Inc.
Price: Free

The Xiaomi Home app is necessary to set up the vast portfolio of the company’s connected devices. Considering their pricing and sheer diversity of products, smart products from Xiaomi are often a no-brainer decision for people looking to start building towards a smart home. That places the Xiaomi Home app in the enviable position that grants it wide popularity at the get go. The app also appears to be transitioning into a newer name (Mi Home -> Xiaomi Home) with a slightly different icon background, if the Play Store listing is any clue.

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