Xiaomi’s new 20,000mAh (50W) fast charging power bank can charge your laptop, phone, and accessories

Xiaomi’s new 20,000mAh (50W) fast charging power bank can charge your laptop, phone, and accessories

Xiaomi India today unveiled Mi Power Bank Hyper Sonic, the company’s latest power bank that lets you charge multiple devices at once, including your smartphone, laptop, and other accessories. The power bank is open for crowdfunding starting today and supports up to 50W fast charging.

Mi Power Bank Hyper Sonic packs in a massive 20,000mAh battery and features a premium matte black design made of polycarbonate + ABC material. Power banks with 20,000mAh capacities are a dime a dozen in the Indian market, but what sets Xiaomi’s Mi Power Bank Hyper Sonic apart from the crowd is support for fast charging and how versatile it is. It offers up to 50W fast charging for phones and up to 45W fast charging via USB Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 for laptops.


Mi Hyper Sonic power bank sitting beside a Mi 11X and a pen

Specifications Parameters
  • 153.5×73.5×27.5mm
Rated capacity
  • 20,000mAh
Number of ports
  • 2x USB-A
  • 1x USB-C
  • 45W max
  • USB-C: 5V-3A / 9V-3A / 12V-3A / 15V-3A / 20V-2.25A
  • 50W max
  • USB-A (Dual-port): 5V/3A
  • USB-A (Single port): 5V/3A, 9V/2.23A, 12V/1.67A, 10V/2.25A Max
  • USB-C: 5V-3A / 9V-3A / 10V-5A / 12V-3A / 15V-3A / 20V-2A
Charging time 3 hours and 5o minutes approx.

It has three ports — 2x USB-A and 1x USB-C, allowing you to charge multiple devices at once. Xiaomi says the 4,500mAh battery on its Mi 11X can be fully charged using the power bank in just 1 hour and 5 min. Meanwhile, a laptop like the Lenovo L480 takes about 2 hours and 27 min to go from zero to full. The power bank itself takes up to 3 hours and 50 minutes to fully charge using a compatible fast charger. It also has a low power mode (enabled by double-pressing the power button) for charging your smartwatch, earphones, fitness band, etc. The power bank also has various battery protection algorithms in place to protect devices from a short circuit, over-current, and overheating.

Mi Power Bank Hyper Sonic looks quite promising on paper. In fact, it’s the only power bank in India that offers such versatility, portability, and fast charging capabilities at this price range.

If you’re sold on the pitch, you can support the crowdfunding initiative for ₹3,499 on Xiaomi India’s website. Crowdfunding will be open for 15 days with a goal of 2,500 units. Orders will start shipping from September 15.

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