Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Global Beta ROM is now available

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Global Beta ROM is now available

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Xiaomi sells a lot of different smartphones in multiple countries around the world. This allows them to offer a different style of smartphone for just about every single segment of the market. If you’re looking for a smartphone with high-end specs and a great design, then their flagship line has you covered. If you’re looking for something affordable but respectable, then their Redmi and Redmi Note lines are just for you. The company’s Mi Max series is ripe for those who want an enormous display on their smartphone and not only have they released the Global Beta ROM for the Mi Max 3, but we also have a download link for it as well.

Xiaomi’s Mi Max 3 was released in China in July of this year and since then there has only been a Chinese version of MIUI for it. Based on our own findings from firmware teardowns, we were expecting to eventually see an MIUI Global ROM released for the device. However, there was no way of telling how long it would take for Xiaomi to get around to releasing it. The Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is a beast of a smartphone with a massive 6.9-inch display, up to 6GB of RAM, up to 128GB of internal storage, and a 5,500mAh powering the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 SoC.

Many people have imported the Chinese version of the Mi Max 3 and just installed Google Play Services (and the Google Play Store) so they can use it as if it were a global version of the device. However, now the company has started rolling out the MIUI Global Beta ROM throughout Russia. So far only about 30% of the customer base has received the update, but you can manually download it right here. This global version of MIUI firmware V9.6.6.0.OEDMIFD will officially support Google Play Services and it will also support more languages than just English and Mandarin.

Credit to XDA Recognized Developer yshalsager

Download the V9.6.6.0.OEDMIFD Global Beta Version of MIUI for the Mi Max 3

Source: Xiaomi