Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Android P OTA leaks early

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Android P OTA leaks early

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With the first Android P Developer Preview announced in March, it brought a number of changes which you can test out now on the Google Pixel/XL and Google Pixel 2/2 XL. Surprisingly, Xiaomi has just announced that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s will also be receiving the Android P Developer Preview in the coming days, complete with all the features of Android P included. A tentative date of May 8th has been put forward as a release date, assuming all internal testing goes well.

This would be the first official public release of Android P for a non-Google device, though it’s unclear whether this will be closer to AOSP Android and not MIUI. It’s also unknown if the factory images will come directly from Google or from Xiaomi. The announcement post only states that the release will bring Android P’s features to the device, which you can read about here and here.

The post, however, has been taken down from the MIUI forums. Initially, we hesitated to publish this post because we thought it might have been based on false information. However, our friends over at FunkyHuawei.club started an XDA forum thread on the basis that they found that there was indeed Android 9.0 firmware in the works for the Mi Mix 2S. You can find the download link at the link below.

Download Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Android P OTA

I am not sure how one can go about installing the leaked Android P Developer Preview OTA on your Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s. It might be possible to sideload it, but I doubt it since this will likely need to be approved for your device before it can be updated via the updater app. It may be possible to install by extracting the images and flashing over the partitions manually, but I would advise against that if you’re using the device as a daily driver.

Regardless, it’s surprising to see Xiaomi offer a preview release of the next version of Android; this is the kind of thing we would expect from Sony. Hopefully, other devices from Xiaomi will receive the P release and not just their flagship line.