Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 update adds new Slider actions to launch Tools or any App

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 update adds new Slider actions to launch Tools or any App

The smartphone industry has gone through a number of transitions over the last 10 years. They tend to be very divisive changes, with the growing size of smartphones being a perfect example. Some people miss the days of 4-inch smartphone displays but it’s difficult to find one smaller than 5-inches these days. That can make it difficult for some people to use one-handed. One of the latest transitions is the goal to shrink the bezels as much as possible and Xiaomi has done that with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. The device recently received a new MIUI update that fixes some bugs and adds new features to the slider mechanism.


While we’re still seeing a relatively big chin on smartphones these days (even the ones that are trying to shrink their bezels), companies have found creative ways to remove the forehead. The side bezels have never really been difficult to make smaller due to the number of sensors crammed up there, but companies have had to get creative to shrink the top bezel. As far as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is concerned, they have integrated a sliding mechanism that has to be manually moved by the user. With some force, the screen literally slides down from the back half of the phone to reveal its front-facing cameras.

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By default, activating this sliding mechanism opens up the front-facing camera. This makes sense but Xiaomi wanted to add a little extra. So with the latest update to MIUI (which is currently at v10.0.12.0), the phone adds a section in the settings application called Slider Settings. Again, by default, this feature is set to open the camera app and display what is being captured by the front-facing camera, but there are also three new options here. This includes opening the tools page, opening a custom application, or doing nothing at all.

We’re also told this update fixes a power consumption bug as well as a status bar call bug, but I haven’t noticed any changes in the battery usage of my Mi Mix 3 since updating (so it may not have an effect on everyone).

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