Xiaomi Poland shares a 108MP camera sample from the as-of-yet unteased Mi Note 10 Pro

Xiaomi Poland shares a 108MP camera sample from the as-of-yet unteased Mi Note 10 Pro

Xiaomi has been on a teaser spree for the upcoming Mi CC9 Pro, using Weibo as the social media platform of choice to drum up interest and hype for their upcoming smartphone. Over the week, we have come to know several details of the smartphone through official teasers, and there isn’t much left for the official unveiling in China tomorrow. The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro will also make its way to the international market as the Mi Note 10, so by extension and equality, we also know a lot about the Mi Note 10. However, what we do not know much about is the Mi Note 10 Pro. Today, we have confirmation of the fact that it does exist, and that it will likely make its way to international markets very soon.


The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro first popped up on Thailand’s telecom regulator NBTC’s certification website as the M1910F4S. But curiously, Xiaomi has been avoiding mentioning the device in its teasers. This is understandable for the Chinese market, as the Mi CC9 Pro will be the center of attention. For its European markets like Spain and Poland, Xiaomi has continued with the same set of teasers, indicating that only the Mi Note 10 will be made available in those regions. One of their latest teasers involves looking for details in a Halloween themed photo, taken from the 108MP sensor on what was presumed to be the Mi Note 10. However, the EXIF data from the image indicates that the photo was taken from the Mi Note 10 Pro instead of the regular Mi Note 10.


This image serves as a confirmation for the fact that the Mi Note 10 Pro does indeed exist, and that it will be released in international markets. We speculate that we will see both the Mi Note 10 and the Pro variant at Xiaomi’s launch event in Spain on November 6, a day after the Mi CC9 launches in China.

We still do not know the exact differences between the Pro and the regular variant. Usually, Pro variants tend to beef up the camera specification, the processor and often the display. The Mi Note 10 already comes with the beefed-up camera setup, so we might see a bump up in the display resolution and processor. The Mi Note 10 Pro could come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus SoC, which would be a logical step up from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G — but please note that this is still speculation on our end, as we do not have any concrete evidence on this end, yet.

Source: Mi Community

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