MIUI 12’s Dark Mode 2.0 brings along wallpaper dimming, automatic font weight and contrast adjustment

MIUI 12’s Dark Mode 2.0 brings along wallpaper dimming, automatic font weight and contrast adjustment

Xiaomi uses its own custom UX on top of Android, known as MIUI. While Android version upgrades are notable updates for most of the OEMs in the Android industry, users with Xiaomi devices look forward to MIUI version upgrades, as these are the ones that bring along plenty of noticeable changes to their phones. Xiaomi has been working on the next version of MIUI, MIUI 12, which is scheduled to be released next week. The company has begun with official feature reveals on Weibo, detailing the various changes that the new version bump will bring along.

MIUI 12 builds upon the work done within MIUI 11 in the context of the MiLan Pro font and the comfort it lends to the overall UX. This comes to us in the form of Dark Mode 2.0, which improves upon the previous dark mode implementation by bringing along features such as wallpaper dimming, automatic font-weight adjustments, and font contrast adjustments.


MIUI 12: Wallpaper Dimming

MIUI 12’s Dark Mode 2.0 comes with a smart wallpaper dimming feature. Instead of just darkening the whole wallpaper in a blanket manner, this new update will attempt to simulate how light transitions during the day cycle.

It is unclear right now if this feature will be limited to the included system wallpapers, or if it would be much more widely available across all user-applied wallpapers.

MIUI 12: Font-weight adjustments

Dark Mode 2.0 will also be able to automatically adjust the weight of the text. This is based on MIUI 11’s dynamic font system, and it automatically reduces the weight to reduce glare and text blur.


The changes are reverted back in light mode, which will theoretically make reading on both the modes more comfortable.

Font Contrast Adjustment

In addition to changing the font-weight, the font and background contrast will also be changed according to the screen brightness.

This way, you can also use Dark Mode during the day while retaining text legibility, and use it normally at night without dazzling your vision.

We expect to see more MIUI 12 features unveiled as we come closer to launch. Stay tuned!

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