Xiaomi has no plans to launch the Mi 10 Ultra or Redmi K30 Ultra globally

Xiaomi has no plans to launch the Mi 10 Ultra or Redmi K30 Ultra globally

Xiaomi recently launched the Mi 10 Ultra and the Redmi K30 Ultra, two phones that commemorate the company’s 10 years in the smartphone market. While the Mi 10 Ultra includes some of the best consumer-ready technologies that Xiaomi has to offer, the Redmi K30 Ultra represents Xiaomi’s insane value proposition with a low price tag but a heavy punch. Both smartphones are exciting for their own reasons. But as it turns out, Xiaomi currently has no plans to launch the Mi 10 Ultra or the Redmi K30 Ultra globally, limiting them to the Chinese market.

According to reports by GSMArena and AndroidAuthority citing Xiaomi representatives, the Chinese OEM is currently limiting the Mi 10 Ultra and the Redmi K30 Ultra to China only.


Both Mi 10 Ultra and Redmi K30 Ultra won’t be launching outside of Mainland China.

Further, Xiaomi has also ruled out the devices releasing globally under the POCO brand, as one could see in the case of the POCO F2 Pro/Redmi K30 Pro.

Redmi K30 Ultra

If you have been keeping track of our coverage, especially of the Redmi K30 Ultra “cezanne“/M2006J10C, you’d notice that we could not explicitly confirm that the device would launch outside of China, namely because of the fact that it came with a MediaTek Dimensity SoC that had remained a China-exclusive till then. However, more recently, MediaTek had mentioned that the Dimensity SoCs would begin shipping in devices outside of China in Q3 2020. This, coupled with the existence of the M2006J10G as well as the existence of global beta builds for cezanne up until 14th July, had given us a sliver of hope that the device would indeed make its way outside of China. While we are still hopeful that Xiaomi may have a change of heart in the future, this confirmation from company officials is a conclusive statement that the device will not ship outside of China officially. No such indications had indicated for the Mi 10 Ultra, so its China-exclusivity was not a surprise.

Source: GSMArena, AndroidAuthority

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