Xiaomi partners with Light, the company behind the Nokia 9’s penta-cameras

Xiaomi partners with Light, the company behind the Nokia 9’s penta-cameras

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For a while, dual cameras on the back of phones was a big deal, but lately, we’re seeing that number grow to new heights. It’s becoming more common to see devices with triple rear cameras. HMD Global grabbed headlines with a whopping 5 cameras on the back of the Nokia 9 PureView, which is powered by technology from a company called Light. Xiaomi has announced a new partnership with this company as well.

Light calls itself the “world’s most advanced imaging platform.” They made waves with their Light L16 camera, which featured 16 cameras. Light’s technology combines 10 different images into a single super high-res photo. The device was a cool niche product, but working with smartphone OEMs is a much more accessible form of their technology. Besides HMD Global and Xiaomi, Light is also working with Sony.

“We are thrilled to partner with Light to leverage their advanced imaging solutions for our future devices,” said Zhu Dan, VP, GM of smartphone camera department, Xiaomi. “Xiaomi works tirelessly to remain at the forefront of smartphone innovation, and perfecting smartphone photography is a key focus for us. We are excited to work on devices using Light’s technology so our users can produce even more amazing photos.”

Xiaomi’s announcement was light on details about when we can expect an actual device with the Light technology. We can assume it will include a more-than-usual number of cameras. That in of itself is not difficult, but where Light really shows it’s chops is the software that allows all the camera to operate in a way that makes sense. Just giving a consumer a device with a bunch of cameras isn’t going to be very useful. You need software to make it worthwhile.

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