Xiaomi phones and TVs in India just got more expensive, others may follow soon

Xiaomi phones and TVs in India just got more expensive, others may follow soon

Xiaomi’s smartphones and TVs have just gotten more expensive in India. Starting today, several Redmi phones and Mi smart TVs are seeing as much as a 6% increase in their prices.

The move comes after Xiaomi warned in March that the company was feeling the heat of the global chip shortage. At the time, Xiaomi President Wang Xiang said that they were doing their best to optimize the cost of their devices but implied that if situations didn’t improve, the company would be left with no choice but to pass the increased cost onto customers.

“Since the last one year, we have witnessed shortages across the supply chain. Due to massive demand-supply mismatch, the majority of components used in smartphones, Smart TV and other electronics gadgets (chipsets, display panels, display driver, back panels, battery, etc.) have seen constant upward movement in their prices,” a company spokesperson told ET Telecom.


At the time of publishing this article, Xiaomi’s India website wasn’t reflecting the price increase for any device. However, listings for several Redmi phones on Flipkart now reflect the increased price. For instance, the Redmi Note 10 base model is now available at ₹13,815, a ₹816 hike from its previous price. Meanwhile, the Redmi Note 10 Pro 6GB/128GB is now sold at ₹17,536, which is ₹1463 more than its previous price. Xiaomi’s Mi Store app still shows the old pricing for the Redmi Note 10 series. Check out the table below for more details.

Device New price Old price Increase
Redmi Note 10 (6GB + 64GB) ₹12,999 ₹12,499 ₹500
Redmi Note 10 (6GB + 128GB) ₹14,999 ₹14,999 ₹500
Mi TV 4A (32-inch) ₹15,999 ₹15,499 ₹500
Mi TV 4A (43-inch) ₹26,999 ₹25,999 ₹1000
Mi TV 4A Horizon (40-inch) ₹24,999 ₹23,999 ₹1000
Mi TV 4A Horizon (43-inch) ₹27,999 ₹25,999 ₹2000
Mi TV 4X (43-inch) ₹29,999 ₹28,999 ₹1000
Mi TV 4X (55-inch) ₹43,999 ₹41,999 ₹2000
Redmi TV (55-inch) ₹42,999 ₹40,999 ₹2000
Redmi TV (50-inch) ₹36,999 ₹34,999 ₹2000
Redmi TV (65-inch) ₹59,999 ₹58,999 ₹1000
Mi QLED TV (55-inch) ₹59,999 ₹57,999 ₹2000

Since this price increase is due to the ongoing global chip shortage, which affects everybody, expect to see more smartphone OEMs follow the footstep of Xiaomi and increase the prices of their products in the coming weeks.

Update: The article previously mentioned incorrect pricing for a few Redmi Note 10 series devices. The post has since been updated with the correct pricing.

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