The Xiaomi POCO F1’s camera performance gets rated by DxOMark

The Xiaomi POCO F1’s camera performance gets rated by DxOMark

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The POCO F1 is one of several flagship smartphones from Xiaomi that was released in 2018. What set it apart from the rest was its affordability in highly price-conscious markets like India, making it one of the best bang for the buck devices in 2018. Cutting costs result in trade-offs, though. We can see device makers put less emphasis on the camera quality alongside ‘minor’ details like the quality of the vibration motor, getting an IP certification, and so on. Surprisingly, the POCO F1 isn’t half as bad of a shooter as its price suggests.

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DxOMark is arguably the most respected camera performance testing outlet on the Internet. Every now and then, you will see manufacturers boast about their device’s score on DxOMark. While the total DxOMark score doesn’t paint a full picture, DxOMark’s subscores and testing methodologies are useful for comparing the camera quality between devices. Here are DxOMark’s scores for the POCO F1, by the way. The device received a score of 92 and 90 for photo and video, averaging to 91 overall.

Autofocus is one of the key strengths of the device. The POCO F1 uses Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) technology, like many other devices, to reduce the focus time significantly. DxOMark’s testing also reveals that the POCO F1 can produce photos with high levels of contrast, accurate white balance, and pleasant colors. The zoom suffers from the lack of a telephoto lens, which also impacted its bokeh score. Videos are quite good, but nothing too crazy.

The inexpensive POCO F1 managed to get a respectable score on the most sophisticated of camera benchmarks. Although this device is outclassed by many devices in DxOMark’s list, keep in mind that the POCO F1 nearly won a blind smartphone camera comparison which pitted the device against many smartphones thought to have a better camera than it.

Source: DxOMark