Xiaomi POCO F1 gets official TWRP support

Xiaomi POCO F1 gets official TWRP support

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The Pocophone is a new smartphone series from Xiaomi that is aimed at the high-end enthusiast community. The company already has the low-end and mid-range budget segments on lock with the Redmi and Redmi Note series. They have even been able to amass a following behind their Mi series, Mi Mix series, and Mi Mix series. The Xiaomi POCO F1 takes a different approach as it’s one we’ve seen from other upstarts for Android. The goal is to offer high-end hardware at an affordable price so the customer isn’t spending $600+ on a phone with the latest chipset and a decent amount of RAM.

Xiaomi POCO F1 XDA Forum

While Xiaomi’s bootloader unlock plan has been quite erratic for their other devices, they have promised to limit the Pocophone series to “only” a 3-day wait period. It’s still longer than devices from companies like OnePlus and Google, but it’s better than Samsung’s 7-day waiting period and some would say it’s better than having to receive an unlock key like we’re used to with LG and HTC. Still, the goal of the Pocophone F1 is to attract the enthusiast and developer community and the recent official release of TWRP for the POCO F1 is sure to allow this to be much more possible.

There are a couple of notes from the developer that needs to be said about this build and this device though.

Support status:

This build of TWRP will (probably) only work with devices using Full Disk Encryption (FDE) and may not work with devices that have been converted to File Based Encryption (FBE). FBE support may be added at a later date.

Install notes:

The Pocophone F1 is finicky when using USB 3.0 ports. If you have trouble using fastboot commands, switch to a USB 2.0 port or use a USB 2.0 hub on a USB 3.0 port.

Source: TWRP