Xiaomi and POCO users in India facing bootloops, fix coming soon

Xiaomi and POCO users in India facing bootloops, fix coming soon

Several Xiaomi and POCO users in India are facing an annoying issue following a recent MIUI 12 update, which brings up a “Find device closed unexpectedly” error. The device restarts as soon as the error message pops up, and this cycle continues indefinitely. The error is, most likely, a conflict caused by a recent update to the Airtel Thanks app (a SIM/account management app from the Indian telecom service provider) and MIUI’s Find My Device settings. While Xiaomi hasn’t disclosed the exact cause of the issue, the company is working with Airtel on a fix.

In a recent tweet on the matter, Harmeen Mehta, Global CIO and Head of Digital at Airtel, confirmed that the issue affects users who have the Airtel Thanks app on their devices. As a temporary fix, Airtel has pushed a small tweak to the app, which should stop affected devices from restarting until Xiaomi delivers a permanent fix. However, for this fix to work, you’ll have to open the Airtel Thanks app at least once after a reboot.


Xiaomi is currently working on a permanent fix, which is expected to roll out to users next week. In a statement regarding the fiasco, the company said:

“It has come to our notice that Mi & Redmi devices are showing an error, causing unwanted rebooting of the device. It has been observed that certain lines of code are misbehaving during an app update. While we are working on fixing the issue with the App developer and rollout out a permanent update by early next week, we have put temporary containment measures in place, over the last 36 hours. This fix may need consumers to get their devices at a service center. At Mi India, customer experience is top most priority and we regret the inconvenience caused to them. As a committed brand, our endeavor is to continue delivering on our consumer expectations, thereby offering best user experience to everyone.”

Until Xiaomi delivers a fix, you can also try uninstalling the Airtel Thanks app from your device, disabling “Ultra Battery Saver” in phone settings, or disabling “Find My Device” as a temporary fix. However, these solutions may not be 100% effective.

The article headline was edited to remove mentions of an operator, as the issue is operator-agnostic.

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