Xiaomi is rebuilding MIUI for India without any of its banned apps

Xiaomi is rebuilding MIUI for India without any of its banned apps

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In case you’re out of the loop with what’s going on with India and China relations right now, the two countries are not on the best of terms right now due to a border dispute. While tensions are high, the Indian government made a move to initially ban 59 Chinese apps and services followed by 47 more apps from being used in the country, citing national security and privacy concerns. Since some of the apps that have been banned are made by Xiaomi, the company has scrambled to update its MIUI software to comply with the ban.

Some of the Xiaomi-made apps that have been banned by the Indian government include Mi Browser Pro, Mi Community, and Mi Video Call. Xiaomi has now announced that the company will roll out new MIUI updates for its devices sold in India to remove these apps. In a statement posted on Twitter, the company says that a new version of MIUI which doesn’t come with any banned apps pre-installed is in development and will be rolled out to existing and future devices in a phased manner during the next few weeks.

Xiaomi also clarified a few details regarding its MIUI software, such as that its Cleaner app is not related to Cheetah Mobile’s Clean Master, another app banned by the Indian government. They also stated that all of their Indian customers’ personal information is stored in local servers and is not shared with anyone outside of India. Xiaomi says they are willing to comply with local Indian laws amid escalating tensions between India and China.

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