[Update 2: Could be revealed on August 7th] Xiaomi teases a Redmi smartphone with a 64MP camera

[Update 2: Could be revealed on August 7th] Xiaomi teases a Redmi smartphone with a 64MP camera

Update 2 (8/05/19 @ 02:20 AM ET): Xiaomi might reveal its highly anticipated 64MP technology on August 7th at the Mi Imaging Laboratory conference in China.

Update 1 (7/23/19 @ 05:10 AM ET): Redmi has revealed its plans to launch the 64MP camera smartphone with quad rear cameras soon.

The fad of smartphones being featuring 48MP cameras has taken over the first half of 2019. Not only flagships like the OnePlus 7/7 Pro and the Redmi K20/K20 Pro, but the 48MP sensor have also been billed as USPs for mid-premium devices such as the Realme X and the Moto One Vision, the mid-range Redmi Note 7 Pro, and others. Moving further, things look more exciting in the near future with Samsung already having introduced its ISOCELL GW1 sensor boasting a 64MP resolution. Many brands are eager to jump the bandwagon to introduce smartphones with 64MP cameras.

Redmi, Xiaomi’s spin-off brand which expanded its ambit of products with the premium K20 and the K20 Pro, is hoping to usher users into the era of 64MP smartphone photography. Redmi’s official Weibo handle recently shared a supposed sample of a 64MP image clicked with an upcoming smartphone.

xiaomi redmi 64MP

Redmi’s teaser for its 64MP camera

There are no cues to reveal if Redmi’s 64MP smartphone uses the Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1, which is currently the only known 64MP sensor in the market, or any other sensor.  The Samsung sensor has a pixel size of 0.8μm and supports 4-in-1 pixel binning which renders a pixel size of 1.6μm. The output images, thus, are 16MP in size i.e. one-fourth of the sensor’s resolution.

While that’s the only piece of information we have about the teased Redmi smartphone, we received an early tip about Xiaomi’s endeavors into 64MP photography last month. XDA Member kackskrz spotted strings in the MIUI Camera’s code for the 64MP ultra-pixel mode along with a watermark that corresponds to a dual-camera setup on the purported Redmi smartphone.

In the meantime, Realme and Samsung also appear to be striving to release their smartphones with 64MP cameras. Realme teased a prototype with a quad-camera setup and the technology is likely to arrive in the coming months. Samsung, on the other hand, is working on the Galaxy A70s, which is anticipated to be the first smartphone to actually use the 64MP sensor.

That’s all about the teasing from brands and there has been no official word about any specific device other than the Galaxy A70s that might be using a 64MP. The prospects seem exciting but we’ll only know better when we see some hands-on results from these smartphones.

Update: Redmi confirms quad cameras

redmi 64MP quad cameras

After making headlines a day ago, Redmi took to Weibo earlier today to tease its upcoming smartphone with a symbolic representation for the quad cameras, which will include the 64MP sensor as perhaps the primary sensor. The post noted the images created in the 64MP mode will be as big as 20MB in size. There no other information about the “new gift to this fine world” that Redmi will be launching soon.

Source: Weibo

Update 2: Xiaomi might unveil its 64MP technology on August 7th

A day ahead of Realme’s unveiling of its 64MP image technology in New Delhi, India, Xiaomi might take a lead a showcase its vision of the future at the Mi Imaging Laboratory conference scheduled for August 7th. The image shared by Xiaomi on Weibo does not divulge information clearly so we may actually see some other innovative products like the company take on optical zoom.

xiaomi mi 64MP

Aside from this, we may see some more Meitu products, joining Xiaomi’s ecosystem. Xiaomi had taken over Meitu last year and recently launched the CC9 Meitu Edition in which the Camera app is designed but by the engineers from the acquired company.

Source: Weibo

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