Redmi 7 leaks clearly in an early hands-on video

Redmi 7 leaks clearly in an early hands-on video

Xiaomi’s Redmi brand is gearing up to launch the successor to the Redmi 6 in the form of the Redmi 7. The device recently passed through TENAA, giving us a close look at what to expect in terms of design and other key specifications. Now, the phone has leaked in an early hands-on video, giving us a very clear look at what to expect from the upcoming device.

To confirm if the device on the left is indeed the Redmi 7, we reverse-searched the watermarked IMEI. It belonged to the M1810F6LG variant of the device, which was spotted in Singapore earlier last month as the Redmi 7. The TENAA listing for the China variant was for model number M1810F6LE. The last letter in the model number refers to regional variants. So, it is safe to conclude that the device on the left as well as in the TENAA listing is the Redmi 7.

Curiously, the device on the right is alleged to be the Redmi Note 7 (China) variant, but it sports a “Mi” branding instead of “Redmi by Xiaomi” branding as the Redmi Note 7 (China) does. The TENAA listing for the Redmi Note 7 (China) was for model number M1901F7, and the back of the phone on the right says F7G. The branding underneath the camera also states 48MP, which rules out a match from the Mi Play. The device on the right is most likely the Redmi Note 7, but we cannot explain the branding discrepancy.

As seen in the hands-on video, the Redmi 7 will sport a plastic shell design, which makes sense as the phone still needs to be within the budget territory. Xiaomi is upgrading other aspects of the phone, such as the display, which is now larger at 6.26″ but still at HD+ resolution. The chassis of the phone is closer in size to the Redmi Note 7, though the bezels on the device all around are also thicker.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 - MicroUSB Port

The Redmi 7 continues on with a microUSB port instead of moving forward with a USB Type-C port. This may be a sore point for the phone, unless Xiaomi prices the phone aggressively enough to overlook the port for another generation.

On the inside, the Redmi 7 will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 with 3GB RAM and 64GB storage. Xiaomi will be releasing multiple variants of the device with RAM options of 2/3/4GB and storage options of 16/32/64GB, so the phone should cover several price points.

Now all that is left is for Xiaomi to formally launch the phone and confirm its pricing and availability.

Story Via: GSMArena

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