A Xiaomi Redmi Android One device may be coming according to the Xiaomi CEO

Xiaomi is a mega-popular smartphone brand in many parts of the world. They made a name for themselves by offering affordable devices with great designs and respectable specs. The vast majority of Xiaomi devices come with their own MIUI software. However, the Xiaomi Mi A1 launched last year with Android One. Could more devices with Google’s slim version of stock Android be coming from Xiaomi this year?

CEO Lei Jen revealed the company has plans to make more Android One devices. They will even be launching an Android One phone in their popular Xiaomi Redmi series. Android One is essentially stock Android, which is a big departure from MIUI on current Xiaomi Redmi phones. Google created the slimmed-down operating system with the Indian market in mind and Xiaomi devices are very popular in the country.

“Yes, we plan to have more Android One devices. Some of our users in India seem to like stock Android, and we are willing to bring in more devices with Android One including the Redmi series.”

Jun did not give any more specifics about their plans. We don’t know how many devices they will launch with the slimmed down OS or when exactly we can plan to see them. We would expect to see the first device pop up in the next couple of months. This will be huge for Google’s plans to push stock Android in emerging markets. It will also be great for Xiaomi fans who aren’t particularly fond of the MIUI software.

Source: TechPP

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