Xiaomi may launch a Redmi K30 Pro with the Snapdragon 865 but no 108MP camera

Xiaomi may launch a Redmi K30 Pro with the Snapdragon 865 but no 108MP camera

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MWC 2020 is fast approaching, and multiple device makers are scheduled to launch new phones at the event. We expect to see both launches of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865-powered flagships as well as mid-range phones powered by the Snapdragon 765G. Although Xiaomi hasn’t specifically stated that it plans to announce new phones at MWC, it did previously confirm that the Xiaomi Mi 10 is scheduled to launch in Q1 2020. The Mi 10 will be accompanied by the Mi 10 Pro, which will have 66W fast charging. These two phones are code-named “umi” and “cmi” respectively. The “umi” and “cmi” are expected to feature 108MP primary cameras, because we saw evidence related to the same back in September. Now, we have seen evidence of another Snapdragon 865-powered Xiaomi device, and it’s possible that it won’t feature a 108MP camera.

The Xiaomi device in question is code-named “lmi”, and we obtained its build.prop. It’s based on the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform, and it’s stated to be a “Redmi” model. The code doesn’t specifically state the name of the device. This is the first part of the evidence. The second part of the evidence is a Geekbench listing. Generally, we view Geekbench listings with skepticism, but because of the given information, it seems that this Geekbench listing of the Redmi K30 Pro is probably legitimate. This is because the motherboard lists “lmi” that we know exists, and the build ID listed in Geekbench’s raw data output matches the build ID we see in the build.prop. The benchmark score (903/3362 for single-core/multi-core) of the device in the listing is above average for Geekbench listings of devices powered by the Snapdragon 865. Finally, the CPU/GPU listed in the raw data output matches the Snapdragon 865.

The “lmi” device wasn’t included alongside the “umi” and “cmi” when we discovered a list of Xiaomi phones that will have 108MP cameras. The four phones that were discovered are the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, Mi 10, and the Mi 10 Pro. XDA Senior Member kacskrz discovered in the MIUI Gallery app that “lmi” is mentioned in a list of devices that support 64MP cameras. This means it’s possible that the Redmi K30 Pro won’t have a 108MP camera.

This would go in line with the hierarchy of Xiaomi’s device portfolio, as the Redmi K20 Pro (review) was slightly cheaper than the Xiaomi Mi 9 (review) in 2019. The Redmi K30 Pro, therefore, is expected to be a cheaper variant of the Xiaomi Mi 10, although it will share the same SoC. 64MP camera support means that it could feature either a Samsung ISOCELL 64MP sensor or the 64MP Sony IMX686. The Redmi K30 Pro will be the Pro variant of the Redmi K30 5G, which was launched in China in December.

It’s fair to expect the Redmi K30 Pro to be announced in the first half of this year.