The Xiaomi Redmi Y3 is the “Pro” variant of the Redmi 7

The Xiaomi Redmi Y3 is the “Pro” variant of the Redmi 7

If you are someone who likes to keep track of current as well as upcoming smartphone releases, then you would certainly agree that tracking Xiaomi’s releases is a pain point. The Chinese OEM is notorious for releasing a phone in one region, rebranding the same phone with a different name in another region, and then reusing the original name for a different phone in yet another region. If this sounds confusing, that’s because it is. We even have started referring to several Xiaomi devices through their device codename rather than their marketing name, as that is more device-specific and easier to follow than the sea of Redmis and Redmi Notes.


Xiaomi could be planning another one of its rebranding maneuvers. We recently reported on the existence of a Redmi Y3, a device that got Wi-Fi certification for its M1810F6G model number. Now, through a combination of firmware analysis, Wi-Fi certification, TENAA listings and internal sources, we know of the existence of eight different model numbers in the M1810F6 lineup.

Model Number Device Codename Marketing Name (and Region)
M1810F6G onc_global Redmi Y3
M1810F6H onc_global_b Presumed to be Redmi Y3
M1810F6I onc_india Presumed to be Redmi Y3 (India)
M1810F6LG onclite Redmi 7 (Global)
M1810F6LH onclite_global_b Redmi 7
M1810F6LI onclite_india Redmi 7 (India) – as mentioned in the RF Exposure section on Mi India’s website
M1810F6LE <unknown> Previously presumed to be the Redmi 7 (China), but the TENAA color variant did not launch
M1810F6LT <unknown> Just spotted on TENAA

We know for sure that onc_global is the Redmi Y3. We also know that onclite is the Redmi 7. The “lite” wording in the device codename usually refers to a slight downgrade in terms of specifications, which implies that the Redmi Y3 will be the “Pro” variant of the Redmi 7 in essence.

This does not mean that Xiaomi will not release a “Redmi 7 Pro” at all. Xiaomi is known for mixing things up, so there could be an entirely different device coming up to fill that space. What we do know is that the Redmi Y3 and the Redmi 7 share a close connection with each other.

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