Xiaomi Releases Kernel Source Code For Mi4i

Xiaomi Releases Kernel Source Code For Mi4i

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If you’ve been following the XDA News Portal lately, you might have noticed an increased (but unintentional) focus on new devices being released by Chinese OEMs. This is because a lot of these devices are actually great pieces of tech for the average price-conscious consumer, someone who focuses on features as much as the “bling factor” of the device while making his purchase.

However, looking at a developer community point of view, products from China haven’t been a top focus for developers for good reason. Companies from China have been some of the worst offenders of the GPL, often skipping releases altogether or delaying them for reasons that do not make sense.

Xiaomi does look like it is trying to improve on this aspect, with the latest being the release of the kernel source code for the Mi 4i. Packing a Snapdragon 615 with 2GB RAM and a FHD 5.5″ display along with a 13MP rear camera, the Xiaomi Mi 4i is available for a price tag of Rs. 12,999 ($205), making it a rather appealing purchase. The availability of kernel source code will definitely remove the device from the blacklist of power users.

This is certainly great news for consumers who have had to wait for almost 2 months after the device release to receive the kernel source code. We do believe that in this case, it is better late than never.

Good job Xiaomi, we hope you improve along further on this road!

What do you think about this move from Xiaomi? Do you believe there should be stricter laws and implementations for the GPL? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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