Xiaomi releases the Redmi K30 5G kernel source code

Xiaomi releases the Redmi K30 5G kernel source code

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Late last year in December, Xiaomi launched the Redmi K30 and Redmi K30 5G in China. While the company hasn’t launched the devices internationally yet, its former sub-brand POCO launched the Redmi K30 as the POCO X2 earlier this month in India. In a bid to promote third-party development for the device, POCO also released its kernel source code at the launch event. POCO’s dev-friendly nature and its willingness to support the modding community is one of the main reasons behind the brand’s popularity. Now, it seems like Xiaomi is following in its footsteps and has released the kernel sources for the Redmi K30 5G, even before its launch in international markets.

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The timely kernel source code release is expected to jumpstart development efforts for the mid-range 5G device from the company. Not only will it help power users improve the device’s performance by analyzing the code, but it will also help developers release custom ROMs and kernels for the device. If you’re planning on purchasing the device and are interested in pushing the device to its limits, you should head over to our Redmi K30 5G forums from the link above and keep a tab on the third-party development for the device. We expect to see some great custom ROMs and kernel releases for the device following the launch, which will help you make the most out of your new phone. If you’re a developer, on the other hand, you can access the kernel sources on GitHub from the link below and spearhead development for the device.

Redmi K30 5G Kernel Sources