Xiaomi, Samsung regain market share in India in Q4 2019, while Realme declined

Xiaomi, Samsung regain market share in India in Q4 2019, while Realme declined

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Back in February last year, a report from Canalys revealed that the Indian smartphone market showed the highest global growth. At the time, Chinese OEM Xiaomi held the top spot in the country, with a 29.9% market share. Samsung took the second spot at a market share of 25.8%, while Vivo and OPPO took the third and fourth spots, with a market share of 10.5% and 8.2% respectively. Later in the year, a report from analytics firm Strategy Analytics revealed that Samsung was slowly catching up with Xiaomi, with a market share of 26.3% in Q2 2019, to Xiaomi’s 28.7%. Now, a recent report from IDC reveals that both Samsung and Xiaomi have seen a rise in market share in the country, while Realme has lost some ground.

As reported by the Economic Times, the report reveals that Xiaomi and Samsung increased their market share following the festive season from September to November 2019. However, Realme’s shipments peaked in September at 16.74%, declining to 9.3% and 8.23% in November and December last year. In a statement regarding the report, Upasana Joshi, associate research manager for client devices at IDC, said that Realme saw a jump in September due to the fact that most of the purchases took place online during the festive season. Since Realme is an online-heavy brand, it saw a jump in sales during the season. But the company soon lost traction in the following months.

Xiaomi and Samsung, on the other hand, saw a significant bump in sales due to the launch of the Redmi Note 8 series and the Galaxy M30s. A Xiaomi spokesperson also revealed that the October-December quarter was good for the company and it sold over one million Redmi Note 8 series devices in the country within a month of launch. Samsung also managed to increase its market share from 16.19% in September 2019 to 19.85% and 21.08% in October and November, respectively. Its online share also jumped up from 10.3% in September to 18.77% in November, as per the IDC data. Along with Xiaomi and Samsung, Vivo also managed to revive its overall market share in November, bringing it up to 16.92% from 14.31% in September 2019. However, its online market share peaked at 12.69% in October and dipped down to 9.58% in November.

Source: Economic Times