POCO X3 Pro was the best-selling phone in Europe on Amazon this Black Friday

POCO X3 Pro was the best-selling phone in Europe on Amazon this Black Friday

The Black November Friday shopping season is finally over, but device makers are still pouring over sales data from last month. One of the more interesting data points might be from Xiaomi, which shared on social media that the company’s Poco X3 Pro was the best-selling smartphone in several European countries over the Black Friday shopping period.

Senior Xiaomi executive Lu Weibing shared on social media site Weibo (via GSMArena) that the Poco X3 Pro was the best-selling smartphone during Black Friday on Amazon in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Amazon doesn’t (publicly) share historical information for the best-selling products during a given timeframe, but an archived version of the Amazon Germany’s ‘Best Sellers’ page on November 29th (the Monday after Black Friday) did show the Poco X3 as #1. As of December 2nd, the phone has fallen to second place on Amazon Germany.

Best Sellers page showing (in order) the iPhone 13, Poco X3 Pro, Galaxy A12, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Mini, and Nokia 105

Amazon Germany Best Sellers page, as of Dec 2, 2021

The price of the Poco X3 Pro was slashed for Black Friday, with the 6GB RAM/128GB storage model dropping to €179 (down from €249), and the 8GB RAM/256GB storage version falling to €200-220 (down from €299). That’s a pretty great price for a phone with a Snapdragon 860 chipset and 120Hz screen, and it’s certainly a better deal than most Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales we saw on smartphones in the United States.

Xiaomi’s Lu Weibing pointed out the sales were another indicator that Xiaomi is gaining traction in western European markets. The Poco X3 Pro was already a great budget flagship at its original price, as explained in our full Poco X3 Pro review, and dropping the price on an already-great device is usually a winning move. Here’s hoping Xiaomi will start selling smartphones in the United States at some point in the near future — we could really use more competition here in ‘Murica.

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